1004668_10151649135033197_169354417_nNi hao! Wo jiao Bailey!

And that’s pretty much all of the Mandarin I knew before moving to China in August 2014. I’m a journalist, recent Drake University grad, retired rower, long-time coffee junkie, and, for the next year, an English writing teacher at a University in Guilin, Guangxi, China.

Above all else, I’m a lover of travel and writing. Nothing makes me giddier than being exposed to new people, new cultures and new norms, and then being able to share the stories of those people – people who otherwise might not ever have their stories shared.

While there will be plenty of posts about my own adventures (and misadventures) trying to make sense of my new home, the goal of this blog is to be less about “hey, look at this cool thing I did,” and more about “these are the people I met, and these are their stories.”

So stay tuned – it’s going to be an interesting year.


You can get in contact with me at bailey.r.berg@gmail.com.




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The adventures, musings and mishaps of a foreigner in China

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