Bringing the Far East near

And just like that, I’ve been in China for a month.

For those of you who don’t know, I moved from the Midwest to the Middle Kingdom to teach English writing classes at a university in Guilin, Guangxi, China in mid-August.

View of Guilin from atop Old Man Mountain
View of Guilin from atop Old Man Mountain

Some of the highlights since leaving America have been: tobogganing down the Great Wall; eating scorpions on a stick (not quite a state fair favorite); hiking amongst some gorgeous karst mountains in Guilin; consuming mass amounts of stir-fry from a cramped, literal hole-in-the-wall restaurant owned by a sweaty, mohawk and beer-belly sporting local, who apparently doesn’t own any shirts; explaining to my roughly 150 19-year-old students that my name is not in fact pronounced “Berry” (though I now respond to it); and learning the hard way that the Mandarin words for “teacher” and “old shit” are incredibly similar. Continue reading Bringing the Far East near


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